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Aviation Accidents

It has been predicted that airline accident rates will grow in a corresponding ratio to the increasing number of airline passengers.

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The NTSB, which operates independently of other government agencies, is primarily responsible for investigating aviation accidents and issuing safety recommendations based on its findings. While the NTSB has no direct regulatory or enforcement power with regard to aviation law, it does have significant power of influence on those who can effect change. In fact, approximately 80 percent of all NTSB safety recommendations are adopted by the FAA or other regulatory agencies.

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Your Legal Rights

Aviation law is becoming increasingly important, as the number of passengers and airplane flights grows larger. Human mistakes and mechanical difficulties are two of the most common causes of aviation accidents. Our expert aviation accident attorneys can help families and victims of aircraft accidents and help eliminate preventable disasters from occurring in the future.

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Helicopter Accidents

Helicopters are unique machines that can perform in ways that no other aircraft can. They can takeoff and land without runways, descend and ascend vertically, fly backwards and forwards, and hover. All of these features have made helicopters useful and effective for a number of operations. However, helicopters are extremely complex machines that require the highest standard in design, maintenance, construction, and operational skills. If any of these factors are missing or neglected in any way, the chance of a helicopter crash significantly increases.